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  Waterloo County Wanderers

Last remaining Ontario covered bridge in West Montrose (built in 1881) Photo by Carl Hiebert

We are a non-profit, non-competitive, recreational cycling club that meets every Tuesday and Thursday from April until October.   We are located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario and ride primarily on paved roads in Waterloo County (though some routes have gravel sections).  We have three maps to choose from for each ride.  During July and August (when days are longer) the routes are approximately 20~30 km, 30~40 km and 40~50 km respectively.  At the beginning and end of the season they are shorter.

Bicycles described as 'Road', 'Touring' or 'Hybrid' would be most suitable for our routes.  A heavier 'Mountain' bike with knobby tires is not recommended.  However, that choice is up to the individual club member.  An approved helmet is required for each rider.

We are insured through the Co-operators General Insurance Company.  Each person riding with us must be a member of our club by filling in a WCW Application + Waiver.


WCW has now reached its 2024 membership maximum and
will not be accepting any additional new members this year!

Last updated on 2024 05 31